Brydge Keyboard

Recently I purchased the new 10.5" iPad Pro, and really enjoy it. A very nice device. At the same time I bought the Apple keyboard that is made for this iPad. I've used it for a couple of months, it works, and overall I'd rate it just OK -- serviceable but nothing special. The keyboard is not backlit and is a bit awkward to use. Plus, folding/unfolding the keyboard was a bit of a pain.

I read a review of the Brydge Keyboard for the 10.5" iPad Pro, and the author liked it much better than the Apple keyboard. So, today, I bought one at Fry's Electronics, and I also like it much better than the Apple keyboard. For starters, it has a backlit keyboard, and types so much better than the Apple keyboard. It is Bluetooth, and paired quickly with my iPad.

The keyboard does add a bit of weight (about as much as the iPad), but gives the iPad the use and feel of a small laptop computer. How often to charge the keyboard? Oh, about once a year. Not too onerous. So, if you should buy (or Santa brings to you) a new 10.5" iPad Pro, I highly recommend the Brydge Keyboard. The following link shows one on Amazon.

Jim Hamm