2016 Apple MacBook Pro with TouchBar: The Good, Bad and Ugly Review

Here is a short video review of the new MacBook Pro from blogger and pundit Dave Taylor. Bottom line: he really likes it, but thinks Apple made a couple of product changes on the new 'Pro that he doesn't like. I agree with him. The new 'Pro doesn't have the MagSafe connector; the cord no longer has a light indicating whether the Mac is charged or not; and there's a definite shortage of ports. Looking at this review, and other reviews I've read, I'm very pleased that I bought my new, older version, of the MacBook Pro back in May. It doesn't have any of the shortages mentioned by Taylor, and mine was cheaper than the new one. My MacBook Pro doesn't have the new Touch Bar, and probably has a slower processor, but as I type on my older 'Pro, I'm quite happy with my decision. Of course, opinions may, and do, vary, and I'm sure the proud owners of the new 'Pro are quite pleased.

Jim Hamm