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June 2017 Offers

Take Control of iCloud

To some people, the Cloud is a hard concept to grasp; what does it mean exactly? For others, it’s the sheer complexity of the Cloud that is confusing; how to choose among the ever-increasing number of options. And for yet others, it’s the security of the Cloud that is a concern; do I need to worry that my data isn’t safe?

With Take Control of the Cloud, Second Edition, award-winning author Joe Kissell cuts through the confusion and gives his expert advice on how to make the Cloud work best for everyone, no matter their needs. From a detailed explanation of what the Cloud is, to his top picks for cloud products and services, to how to enhance privacy and security in the Cloud, Joe covers the topics that are crucial to a clear understanding of what the Cloud can (and can’t) do for you.


Cloud-related topics covered in the book include:

  • Basic concepts, like “cloud computing” and “personal cloud"

  • Storage

  • Syncing

  • Backups

  • Productivity apps

  • Entertainment apps

  • Virtual private servers

  • Computing engines

  • Privacy and security

  • Mobile devices

  • The personal cloud

  • Choosing cloud providers

  • The Internet of Things

  • Automation

As an added bonus, this new edition of the book includes a free webinar! Watch the presentation live and submit questions, or access the recording at a later date for advice and illustrations that go beyond the text of this book. (The webinar will be held twice—on July 6 and July 8, both at 10:00 AM PT.)

Achieve clarity about the Cloud with Take Control of the Cloud, Second Edition!


Your Take Control Team—Joe Kissell and Morgen Jahnke

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Take Control of Pages

Are you interested in getting the most out of Apple’s Pages? Pages is a big, rich app with hundreds of features, but not all of its potential is readily accessible. In Take Control of Pages, Second Edition, Michael E. Cohen digs deep into Pages, unearthing the nuggets of knowledge you need to make your work shine.

With Michael’s help, you can navigate Pages like a pro. Learn how to:

  • Find where the tools you need lie, whether on the Mac, in iOS, or in the Web app

  • Do everyday word processing, including working with fonts, tabs, indents, rulers, search and replace, spell checking, and more

  • Format longer, more complex documents, with customized headers, footers, page numbers, tables of content, footnotes, and section breaks

  • Manage styles, including paragraph styles, character styles, list styles, and object styles

  • Create your own templates, complete with master objects

  • Master the many multi-touch gestures on iOS that give you pinpoint control over page elements

  • Include complex tables and charts and make them look exactly the way you want

  • Customize layout and manipulate graphics like a pro

  • Collaborate with others in real time using iCloud

  • Share your documents across devices, using Mac, iOS, or almost any Web browser

Buy Take Control of Pages, Second Edition for $14 with the 30% MUG discount

For this second edition, Michael expands his already extensive guide, detailing all the changes Apple has made to Pages since the last version of the book was released. Learn about new support for bookmarks, Web links, and Rich Text Format. Find out how you can now globally replace fonts, enter equations, and style tables and objects in your documents. Best of all, discover the possibilities for collaboration in real-time in Pages for Mac and Pages for iOS with iCloud!

Unlock the power of Pages, and make it work for you, with Take Control of Pages, Second Edition!

Take Control of Calendar and Reminders

Are you familiar with Apple’s Calendar and Reminders, but feel you aren’t using them to their full potential? We’re here to help, with a brand new Take Control title from veteran Mac journalist and editor Scholle McFarland. Introducing Take Control of Calendar and Reminders!

In this book, Scholle guides you through getting to know these incredibly useful apps, including lesser-known (but handy) features. For example, did you know that in Calendar you can set an alert for when you need to leave for an event, based on the travel time calculated using the location you entered for the event? Or that Reminders can prompt you to do something not only at a certain time, but also once you’ve reached a specific destination, like the grocery store?

Buy Take Control of Calendar and Reminders for $7 with the 30% MUG discount

Learn all about Calendar and Reminders, including how to:

  • Customize Calendar to your liking

  • Set up notifications and alerts, so you never miss an event

  • Invite people to events, or share your calendar with them

  • Create, manage, and share lists in Reminders

  • Set alarms in Reminders at a certain time or a certain place

  • Use Siri to save time when creating events or reminders

  • Easily check events and reminders on your Mac, iPhone, or Apple Watch

  • Troubleshoot common problems in Calendar and Reminders

  • Share calendars and reminders using iCloud Family Sharing

If you’ve never taken the time to explore Calendar and Reminders, this book will show you how to make them an important part of your daily routine. If you’ve already been using Calendar and Reminders, you’ll learn how to use them more effectively, troubleshoot common problems, and delve deeper into their capabilities.

Whip your schedule into shape and tame your to-do lists with Take Control of Calendar and Reminders!