Two Updated Take Control Books

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m delighted to announce two updated books about digital photography from our friend and digital photography expert Jeff Carlson. (And, you can buy both books together for a special low price.)

Now that it’s so easy to take and store digital photos, it can become overwhelming to stay on top of managing them all. In Take Control of Your Digital Photos, Jeff gives you a plan for tackling this problem, starting with preparing your camera ahead of time, then choosing the right app to manage your photos, judging and organizing your photos, and backing up your photos for safekeeping. This book is geared towards both Mac and Windows users, and discusses the merits of five popular photo management apps–Apple’s Photos, Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, Photoshop Elements, and Mylio–to help you choose the right one for your needs. (This book expands and updates an earlier title, Take Control of Your Digital Photos on a Mac.)

Buy Take Control of Your Digital Photos for $10.49 with the 30% MUG discount (a coupon code will be applied automatically when you click Check Out)

We’ve also released a new version of Jeff’s book Take Control of Lightroom CC. Last fall, Adobe released a new version of its Lightroom application, Lightroom CC, that is specifically designed for cloud interaction, and meant to appeal to users who want to do more than the basics with their photos, but want something more streamlined and simplified than Lightroom Classic CC or Photoshop. In Take Control of Lightroom CC, Jeff gives a thorough but accessible guide to the new Lightroom CC. He explains where it fits in the Lightroom ecosystem, then moves on to detail how to import, manage, and professionally edit your photos using Lightroom CC. For those who want to keep using Lightroom Classic CC, he also looks at how the two apps can work together.

Buy Take Control of Lightroom CCfor $10.49 with the 30% MUG discount (a coupon code will be applied automatically when you click Check Out)

But, we’re also offering a special bundle of the two books together for $20, which is even less than what you’d pay with the MUG discount on the individual titles!

Buy Take Control of Your Digital Photos and Take Control of Lightroom CC for $20 (a coupon code will be applied automatically when you click Check Out)



Joe Kissell

Take Control Books for Macintosh User Groups

January 2018

Hello, from Joe Kissell, Take Control Books!

Seems like every time I turn around, there’s another news report about a big company being hacked, a gigantic list of passwords being stolen, or some other security vulnerability being exposed. Every time this happens, huge numbers of people suffer—sometimes in small ways (like having to jump through hoops to prove their identity or recover an account) but, all too often, in large ways (like identity theft that leads to major financial losses).

Most of this suffering is preventable, and the first step is handling your passwords properly. If you use the same password on a bunch of different sites, or if any of your passwords are short, easy-to-guess strings (like password1 or letmein or qwerty), I’m sorry to say you’re very likely to be a future victim of a password hack. But having unique, strong, hack-resistant passwords doesn’t mean going through a lot of hassle. You can have great passwords and convenience too!

I’m happy to announce brand new editions of two books that address different aspects of dealing with passwords: Take Control of Your Passwords and Take Control of 1Password. If you don’t already have a bulletproof password plan, I hope you’ll consider one or both of these books as a way to help you achieve password bliss. (And, you can buy both books together for a special low price.)

Take Control of Your Passwords, Third Edition helps you develop a complete password strategy. It explains the whys and hows of creating great passwords, using two-factor authentication and two-step verification, choosing and using a password manager (and dealing with passwords in situations where a password manager app can’t be used), and helping other people with their passwords. The new edition covers current versions of a dozen popular password managers, using biometrics (such as Face ID on the iPhone X), working with authenticator devices (which can include an Apple Watch), preparing an emergency password plan, and many other new or updated topics.


 Buy Take Control of Your Passwords, Third Edition for $14.99
 We’ve also released a new edition of Take Control of 1Password. This book takes you in depth on my favorite password manager app, helping you get up to speed quickly and master all of 1Password’s essential tools. 1Password has undergone a lot of changes since the previous version of the book was released over a year ago, including extensive revisions to the Windows version; feature and interface updates for macOS, iOS, and Android; a new 1Password X extension for Chrome that brings 1Password to Chrome OS and Linux for the first time; a command-line version of the app; and greater emphasis on hosted 1Password accounts (for both licensing and syncing). The new edition covers all that and more.


Buy Take Control of 1Password, Third Edition for $14.99

If you’d like both—Take Control of Your Passwords for the overall strategy and Take Control of 1Password for all the details on that particular password manager, we have a special deal for you. You can use this handy link to buy the new editions of both books at one time for just $20—a 33% savings:

Buy Take Control of Your Passwords and Take Control of 1Password for $20 (a coupon code will be applied automatically when you click Check Out)

Stay on top of your password security while increasing your convenience with these two essential books!

Take Control of Pages

Are you interested in getting the most out of Apple’s Pages? Pages is a big, rich app with hundreds of features, but not all of its potential is readily accessible. In Take Control of Pages, Second Edition, Michael E. Cohen digs deep into Pages, unearthing the nuggets of knowledge you need to make your work shine.

With Michael’s help, you can navigate Pages like a pro. Learn how to:

  • Find where the tools you need lie, whether on the Mac, in iOS, or in the Web app

  • Do everyday word processing, including working with fonts, tabs, indents, rulers, search and replace, spell checking, and more

  • Format longer, more complex documents, with customized headers, footers, page numbers, tables of content, footnotes, and section breaks

  • Manage styles, including paragraph styles, character styles, list styles, and object styles

  • Create your own templates, complete with master objects

  • Master the many multi-touch gestures on iOS that give you pinpoint control over page elements

  • Include complex tables and charts and make them look exactly the way you want

  • Customize layout and manipulate graphics like a pro

  • Collaborate with others in real time using iCloud

  • Share your documents across devices, using Mac, iOS, or almost any Web browser

Buy Take Control of Pages, Second Edition for $14 with the 30% MUG discount

For this second edition, Michael expands his already extensive guide, detailing all the changes Apple has made to Pages since the last version of the book was released. Learn about new support for bookmarks, Web links, and Rich Text Format. Find out how you can now globally replace fonts, enter equations, and style tables and objects in your documents. Best of all, discover the possibilities for collaboration in real-time in Pages for Mac and Pages for iOS with iCloud!

Unlock the power of Pages, and make it work for you, with Take Control of Pages, Second Edition!

Take Control of Calendar and Reminders

Are you familiar with Apple’s Calendar and Reminders, but feel you aren’t using them to their full potential? We’re here to help, with a brand new Take Control title from veteran Mac journalist and editor Scholle McFarland. Introducing Take Control of Calendar and Reminders!

In this book, Scholle guides you through getting to know these incredibly useful apps, including lesser-known (but handy) features. For example, did you know that in Calendar you can set an alert for when you need to leave for an event, based on the travel time calculated using the location you entered for the event? Or that Reminders can prompt you to do something not only at a certain time, but also once you’ve reached a specific destination, like the grocery store?

Buy Take Control of Calendar and Reminders for $7 with the 30% MUG discount

Learn all about Calendar and Reminders, including how to:

  • Customize Calendar to your liking

  • Set up notifications and alerts, so you never miss an event

  • Invite people to events, or share your calendar with them

  • Create, manage, and share lists in Reminders

  • Set alarms in Reminders at a certain time or a certain place

  • Use Siri to save time when creating events or reminders

  • Easily check events and reminders on your Mac, iPhone, or Apple Watch

  • Troubleshoot common problems in Calendar and Reminders

  • Share calendars and reminders using iCloud Family Sharing

If you’ve never taken the time to explore Calendar and Reminders, this book will show you how to make them an important part of your daily routine. If you’ve already been using Calendar and Reminders, you’ll learn how to use them more effectively, troubleshoot common problems, and delve deeper into their capabilities.

Whip your schedule into shape and tame your to-do lists with Take Control of Calendar and Reminders!