Calendar Setup (macOS)

(Updated 2/28/18)

If you use iCal (or any calendar software that support the ical format) you can subscribe to the PMUG calendar.

  1. Copy this link to the clipboard:
  2. Open Calendar (iCal)
  3. If you have an existing subscription, delete it.
  4. In Calendar, choose File > New Calendar Subscription.
  5. Paste the calendar's web address from Step #1 in the box for the Calendar URL and then click Subscribe. Do NOT double click on the link as that will add it to the calendar in the wrong way.
  6. Enter a name for the calendar in the Name field and choose a color from the adjacent pop-up menu.
    • If you have an iCloud account, choose whether you want the calendar on that account.
    • To view a subscription calendar in Calendar on your Mac and on devices with iOS 5 or later without resubscribing to it, choose your iCloud account.
    • To get the calendar's event attachments or alerts, deselect the appropriate Remove checkboxes.
    • To update your copy of the calendar when changes to it are published, choose the update frequency from the Auto-refresh pop-up menu.
  7. Click OK.
  8. To make changes to the calendar, click the name of the calendar, and then choose Edit > Get Info.

Calendar Setup (iOS)

If you have a Mac and sync through iCloud, when you set up the calendar on the Mac, it will show up on your iOS device.

Otherwise, if you only have an iOS device, you can use this procedure to add the PMUG calendar. 

  1. Go to Settings your iOS device (iPhone or iPad.
  2. Scroll down to Calendar.
  3. Select Accounts, then Add Account.
  4. Select Other, then Add Subscribed Calendar.
  5. Paste webcal://
  6. When you press NEXT the system will verify the URL and then add it to your calendar.

NOTE: If you add a subscription to Calendar in iOS using this method, it does NOT show up in iCloud as a calendar and hence is not available on ANY other device. There is no way to put it in iCloud.

If you add a subscription in macOS as described in the website and assign it to iCloud, it will show up on all other devices where sharing Calendar in iCloud is set.

So, adding a subscription in iOS is ONLY if you do not have a Mac. And if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch, you have to add it to each device.