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We are a non-profit organizationdedicated to all things Mac! Users of all ages and abilities are welcome. Get the latest information on the newest technologies. Learn insider tips and tricks. Tame the latest Mac OS and iOS, as well as your iPod, iPad, iPhone and other devices. Get to know your fellow Mac Users. Share a tip or trick of your own. Learn how to "wow" your family friends with your own website and photo galleries! Discover the world of online video chatting.These are just a few of things that we do in PMUG while cultivating some wonderful friendships.


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President: Ron LamPert

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Art started with punch cards and FORTRAN programming in a freshman year college class in 1969. After getting his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering he became interested in the microcomputers that were just coming out in the late 1970’s. He took a continuing education class at the local university and learned how to program the 6502 microprocessor in hexadecimal machine language. Since this was the same processor used in the new Apple ][ computer, Art ended up purchasing one in January of 1979. It’s serial number 660, and he still owns it.

Joining the local computer club, he decided to change careers and go into programming for a living and wrote programs in assembly language and FORTRAN for real-time flight simulators. He bought an original Macintosh 128 in early 1985, and eventually upgraded it to a Mac Plus. Later Macs included a PowerBook 100, PowerBook 2300, PowerMac 7200/90, and a G4 Cube (still owns it).

He retired and moved to Prescott in 2007 and spends his time running a couple of websites and generally geeking out. He has a very sophisticated gigabit home network with a network attached storage server.


Bobbie Pastor wandered into a little room with about ten people straining to see what was being demonstrated on a 24-inch iMac on a desk in front of the room. This occurred on the second floor of the Prescott Library in February 2005. Little did she know that she would be entwined with this little group for many years to come. It had to be in May of that same year that nominations were being held for officers of that little club. Someone said,”Why don’t you be Secretary?” she replied innocently enough, “What does the job of Secretary involve?” “Oh, not much,” someone answered. “Just make out a few name tags, and keep track of who pays their dues, and write some Minutes now and then. It’s a piece of cake!”

Well, since it took her three months to get her own name tag, she figured she could do better than that! And so it was..... That is how Bobbie Pastor became Secretary of the Prescott Macintosh User Group.

She used her college course secretarial skills for just two years while working at UniRoyal Rubber of Santa Ana, California. Bobbie decided that production work paid a lot better, and one never had to take work home. So, she went to work packing potato chips for Laura Scudder’s, and then she went on to Kimberly-Clark making paper products for 34 years. Bobbie never thought she would use those office skills again, but she was wrong.

Bobbie bought her first Mac in 2003. It looked like a tensor light with the screen projecting out of half a beach ball. Her first computer was a Gateway, even though she was urged by a friend to buy an Apple. But, she didn’t have anyone close to her who had an Apple, so she bought a PC instead. Well, the people that had the PCs did not understand everything they knew about Windows, so they were no help either. She struggled with the Gateway for a couple of years, retired from Kimberly-Clark, bought an Apple computer, and moved with her dog to Arizona from Placentia, California, and has lived happily ever after.

She has self taught her way around the Mac OS and iOS devices. Through PMUG, she has learned a great deal about computing and is currently engaged in a business where she does tutoring and consulting work for all things Apple. She has and will teach classes in applications for PMUG members as part of the benefits of membership. She plans on doing some classes for OLLI as well.

The job duties of Secretary have been developed over the years (as well as the duties of all the other officers on the PMUG Board). PMUG has grown in attendance and in educational value to the community. At last count, PMUG has 64 members and meets at Yavapai College in a room that has the latest technical equipment for presentation. This really is “a far cry” from leaning into a 24-inch desktop to learn computing! Bobbie feels blessed to be a part of PMUG. 


Another term as treasurer for David; three cheers! David’s degree is from USC in Telecommunications (TV and Radio production) W56 as broadcast engineer/DJ for KUTE in Glendale, CA, then Chief Engineer for FM station WNCN in NYC.

In 1961 he was telecommunications engineer at JPL (analyzing spacecraft data, writing reports, and writing FORTRAN programs). He did technical writing (IBM, Litton, Associated Writers, Conrac) retiring in 1996 from Ameritec, Duarte, CA.
Betty and David came to Prescott in 1996. His Mac history: Apple II – 1978, MAC portable – 1991, Mac TV – 1995. Currently he has a MINI, an iMAC, and a G3. In PMUG since 1997, he’s been President twice and continues as Treasurer.
David is also a member of the PCS (Prescott Computer Society), Yavapai Amateur Radio Club (YARC), and does video recording for his church.


Sondra became a member of PMUG in 2010. 

Getting the opportunity to be PMUG’s President for 2 years from 2015-2017 was one of her coolest experiences ever. That’s where the friendships in the club really strengthened and grew.

Planning around PMUG calendar events is a real pleasure. “I do not want to miss anytime we can get together and talk Apple.”

Starting off with my very first computer. A Mac desktop in 2003. It was the half basketball style. It was way before she knew about PMUG and it was a hard beginning to personal computing. Getting answers to computer questions was just not happening. And, finally in January 2010 PMUG was found!

Moving to Prescott in 2007 my family upgraded to a new iMac 27” Desktop, and a MacBook Pro laptop. Adding 3 iPods, one of them a shuffle. Soon an iPad Air came along and finally a iPhone 7 Plus. The Apple devices are so synchronized it is a pleasure to go from one device to another.

“Once I found the club, I has missed very few meetings. Finding friends who have the same passion for all the Apple devices has become a focal point in my activities.” 

The wonderful people who join and participate in the club feed my soul with their friendship and everyone is so willing to help those of us who come with questions and computing mysteries. Thank you PMUG family with all my heart.”



My interest in computers began in 1984 when I purchased one of the first IBM personal computers.  Lotus 1-2-3 and Wordstar were the two programs I used most of the time for work and for personal use.  I basically taught myself how to use a PC, which allowed me to get promotions at work since very few individuals knew much about personal computers at the time.

A promotion to Imaging Administrator at the Department of Economic Security allowed me to gain valuable experience installing and administering a document imaging system.  I later took a job at the State Compensation Fund where I was System Administrator for two document imaging systems comprising 15 million documents.

After retiring from my imaging job in 2005, my wife, daughter and I relocated to Prescott.  I have a BS in Business from Arizona State University along with over 30 years in the computer/IT field.  I taught technology at a private school in Prescott for 10 years, during which time I supported about 50 PCs and over 100 iPads.  

Feeling frustrated with Windows based PCs, and all their hacking/security problems, I bought my first iMac in 2010.  I upgraded to a new iMac in 2016, and also own an iPhone 7, iPad Air 2, and MacBook Pro.  


Sharon has been married 39 years and is step-mom to three, one daughter together, and now five grandchildren spread around the country.

Sharon has worked in Healthcare as RN in the hospital setting, is certified as Lamaze Childbirth Educator, taught classes, attended and assisting in the labor & delivery process (home and hospital births). Returning to school at 50 she completed Women's Health Nurse Practitioner's Program. In Phoenix she worked in a multi-cultural Women's Clinic. Besides being certified as a menopause educator, she developed and implemented a holistic program in an OB/GYN Clinic.

While raising their daughter, she was extensively involved in event planning & fund raising in the school & community. She also founded, developed and implemented the College Career Center at Chaparral High School.

Sharon enjoys time with her family, knitting, hiking, yoga, reading, photography and women's groups.

What about the future?  She retired her medical license in 2012, and hopes to develop a business, doing pregnant belly & newborn photography.


Mary Ann has used Apple computers since 1979 when she and her husband Art bought their first Apple II. Today she owns a MacBook Pro, an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 5s (or as she says, papa bear, mama bear and baby bear). Never having been a programmer, Mary Ann uses her electronics in her work and various volunteer positions.
Early in her career, Mary Ann worked as a technical writer producing computer user manuals for everything from large mainframes to desktop computers. Most of those materials were printed although just as she was leaving the field, embedded help files were beginning to replace dead tree books. Leaving that work she went back to school to earn a PhD in Religious Studies. She claims it took her so long to earn an advanced degree because she had to wait until she could do her research and write her dissertation using her trusty Macintosh. Today she teaches at Yavapai College. She also volunteers at Manzanita Village the local co-housing community, the Prescott Area Wildland- Urban Interface Commission (PAWUIC), and her local church where she often ends up doing computer work because she can. Check out her website at Dr. MaryAnn’s Academy.



Sharon Walsh was raised in Rhode Island.  She attended a business school and worked in Providence as a secretary for a large radio/television company.  She met her future husband, Bob, there.  Bob worked for GE, and they moved with his job to Cleveland, Richmond, VA, Atlanta, and Chesapeake, VA, before retiring to AZ in 2008. 

Sharon has two children, a daughter who lives in New York City, a son who lives in NJ, and a granddaughter who lives too far away in Hoboken, NJ.

She bought her first Apple device in December 2013, and joined PMUG in 2014.  She has a MacBook Air and has recently upgraded to an iPhone. 

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