January 13, 2018

Program: Genius Bar with Art Gorski & Ward Stanke

The Genius Bar, where you, the members will submit your questions ahead of time to the panel of experts. 

Please send your questions to our secretary (pmugbobbie@gmail.com) so she can forward them to the geniuses who will answer your questions in the meeting. The questions can pertain to the Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV. We need your questions no later than January 10 to give our geniuses a chance to find out the answers.

This gives everybody and opportunity to hear answers to questions that they might not have thought of. (Link to Questions)

Mac Basics: Discussion of Apple apology for the slow-down of older iPhones and the battery replacement program. You don't need to buy a new iPhone/iPad just because your battery doesn’t hold a charge.

Art will also talk about the apparent increase in attempts by hackers to target Apple users. Some people have received phone calls from people representing themselves as Apple or getting virus alert pop-ups representing themselves as Apple Support.   

PMUG meets the 2nd Saturday morning at 10 AM in Building 4, Room 102 at the Prescott campus of Yavapai College. Exceptions will be when the college is closed. Map. Meeting agenda consists of one or two presentations followed by a membership meeting (guests are welcome to attend). (Link to Meeting Minutes)