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The Epidemic Has Begun

        After you've viewed Jim Hamm's alert (just below) go to this other article at How To Geek (Mac OS X isn’t safe anymore. The crapware/malware epidemic has begun).        See illustrated examples of screens that are “like the Old Faithful of bundled crapware.” Examples show Yahoo, CNET downloads, OpenOffice, fake Java messages, MacKeeper, etc. It discusses the plist file, and says to restrict Apps that aren’t from the App store.

How to Remove Malware & Adware From Your Mac

        From the How-To Geek website Jim Hamm finds some helpful info on viruses, worms, and Trojans, along with adware, crapware, and spyware programs.  The writer outlines the problems and the possibilities.  He also warns, “Don’t have the Java plug-in enabled, either . . . “ This article was published 7-25-15.

Helpful for Mac and PCs

Your PC friends will find this useful, too, according to Jim Hamm.  He begins with, "Here is a good article on antivirus programs. I've used the free version of Avast for years, both on PCs and Macs, and it's worked well for me." (Full article here.)        Jim adds,  "All the info in the article would apply to the Mac as well. Here is the link to a free download for the Mac."  

Apple Music "Nightmare"

     The article begins, "I love Apple. I love them because they take difficult problems and come up with innovative, simple solutions. The things they make just work and we trust them. Unfortunately, my experience with Apple Music has been exactly the opposite. As of today, I’m missing about 4,700 songs from my library with little hope of getting them back."       This link comes from Jim Hamm who goes on to add, "Here's another sad tale about Apple Music -- one of several I've read. My music transferred over mostly OK, except that the album art didn't always make it over correctly. One big lesson here -- always back up everything first before trying something new."         The article is followed with 102 comments as of 7-22.

Might Want to Delete Old iCloud Backups

       "If you'd want to delete old iCloud backups to free up more storage space on your iPhone or iPad, take a read on this article," Jim Hamm informs us.  
        "Looking at my iPhone 6 I saw that 462 MB of data was stored there from my old iPhone 5. I didn't really need that backup anymore, so I could have freed up this storage space if I'd needed/wanted to. 
        Jim Hamm goes on to say, "Also, as you scroll down the list of apps you have on your device you can stop any of them from being included in future iCloud updates, should you want to. Since I have plenty of storage space available I let them all continue to be included in future updates. But this is good to remember if, in the future, I start running tight on iCloud storage space."

Still Got Flash?

        "By now hopefully you're removed Adobe Flash from your browser, or, if you need to run Flash, you're using the Chrome Browser," begins Jim Hamm.   "However, if you've still got Flash installed, here is an article on how to use plugins to help control Flash from playing."
        And you'll want to read this.  Jim goes on to add, "Now even the Federal Government is getting involved. You probably don't need/want to read the alert, but here it is -- from the 'United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team.'  Impressive, huh?"

It's Time to Uninstall Adobe's Flash From Your Mac

 This is serious. Jim Hamm alerts us, "As Steve Jobs so eloquently put it: Adobe Flash is a 'bag of hurt.'  Recently there's been many advisories about vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash.  The same comment has been true for many years.  Flash is vulnerable to hacking.  Time to get rid of it.  This article shows how." 

 Jim concludes with "If you must use Flash -- for example, if you listen to Pandora --  then use the Chrome Browser."

Illegal Drone Photos

        Jim Hamm found some fascinating photos from India, Russia, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Hungary.  The headline reads "37 incredible drone photos from across the glove that would be totally illegal today."  You'll want to see it here:
       The photographer Chapple took advantage of the drones during the 18 months when it was legal to fly drones anywhere.  In 2014 the FAA made it illegal to fly drones for commercial purposes, including photography. Other countries followed suit. 
        Thanks to the Internet we can see amazing views and learning interesting facts. 

Shortcut for Finding a Definition

                 Hmmmm.  What does this word mean?  Yes, you can go over to the Dictionary in your long-long list of icons there on the side of the screen.  But this morning Ruth Davis' emailed tip says to   "Hover your mouse cursor over top of the word you'd like to look up and press Command + Control + D. A dialog will then pop up with the word defined by the build-in Mac OS Dictionary."  The little box also lists some words from Thesaurus and Wikipedia.
           She also has free guides for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. 
        Macintosh trainer Ruth Davis publishes Mac2School's Weekly Tips for more than 1000 subscribers. If you want to feel more confident and be more productive with your Mac, iPad and iPhone, sign up for a FREE subscription to Mac2School's Weekly Tips at 


Of Course, You're Careful . . .

        Scan the info that applies to you:  "Surprising Ways Hackers Can Steal Your Identity"   
        If you're a Facebook fan you'll want to look at this info:  
        Keeping informed and being careful are simply logical things to do! 

Malware / Adware / Crapware

        With the bold statement, "Mac OS X isn't safe anymore" this article dated 2-26-15 has 16 pages of details and pictures.’t-safe-anymore-the-crapware-malware-epidemic-has-begun/  
        Your personal information, bank and credit card numbers, where you are and what you're doing is open to view.  How did this happen?  What can I do?  What downloads are safe? 
        This article has 37 replies posted which gives you an idea of what others are thinking about the troubles that many have not considered. This website also has sections on Windows, Linux, Office, Apple, Mobile, Gadgets, and more.