Make Your Own Magazine Cover?

         On a website that advertises "Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual" Art Gorski passes this notice to us, "Make your own custom pulp magazine cover to amaze your friends and confound your enemies!"  After designing your own custom pulp magazine cover you could have it placed on a coffee mug, an iPad case, a spiral bound notebook, or on cards or invitations. 
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Earliest Laptop?

     "Thought this might cause a little head scratching," declared David Passell.  His email contained this graphic which resembles someone using the earliest laptop known to man.  Has this been photoshopped, I inquired.  No, the truth is out.  The caption states, "Email from the past?  Not an ancient Greek laptop, but a writing tablet on a vase from 470 BC."
It's from a BBC news article.  Thanks for the smile, David.